Individual Counselling

Counselling is direct, active and personal. Counselling focuses on increasing your awareness, adjustment and understanding of yourself. It can help you identify the most effective ways for you to personally achieve your desired goals for where you are in life right now as well as provide you the tools to cope with difficult situations that come along the way. Counselling is non-judgemental support that helps you feel at ease while helping you through life’s difficulties. This means that you are able to talk about your feelings, emotions, thoughts and behaviours that could be troubling to you.
Including Family
In some instances it might be beneficial to include the family in the counselling process. An individual can benefit from having the support of a strong functioning family. Relationships in the family can be the source of strength and motivation to the people within it. We all face challenges that may come along in life and having a supportive, understanding family is key. The family more than any other institution has the ability to shape a persons life by providing them with the attitudes, motivations and behaviours necessary to successfully resolve the difficulties of living.
Group Counselling
If you feel you would like to talk to other people experiencing difficulties than group counselling might be something for you. Groups are a good place to receive and give the encouragement and support you need. Group counselling can be an effective and affordable way to achieve counselling goals. You can read more information in the Groups page.

Relationship Counselling

Relationship counselling focuses on improving the relationship between people. It aims to increase your awareness and understanding of yourself and the influence your actions might have on the other person. The interaction between each other during the counselling sessions is the medium which instils change.
Some topics that might come up during the sessions are; communication, expectations, goals, values, feelings.

​Social Skill Development

Social skills are a vital part of our functioning in the social world. For some of us however these skills don't come naturally. The social skills development focuses on teaching you the skills you need at this time in your life, through role-play, video modeling, social stories, art activities and more. The social skill development can be either in a group format or one-on-one, this will depend on the development stage of each individual. The focus could also be on supporting the parent once a month or every 6 weeks in teaching their child the social skills at home.

​Counselling Fees

Individual Session of 60 minutes - $115
Family Session of 90 minutes - $175