Group Counselling

Group counselling provides a safe environment in which you can talk about the challenges you face. It can be a space where you experiment with new behaviours, improve communication skills, and receive feedback from other members with similar concerns and interests. Participation in a group can help you make permanent changes that are desired to improve your life.The interaction between each other during the counselling sessions is the medium which instils change. Groups are a good place to receive and give the encouragement and support you need. Group counselling can be an effective and affordable way to achieve counselling goals.

​Art Therapy Group

Through the unique language of art and the process of making art you can find new meaning, understanding and re-establish a connection to yourself and life. You are offered specific experiences with artistic exercises where the art therapist focuses on initiating or supporting a process of recovery, improvement or acceptance in yourself.
Art Therapy can help you towards an integrated sense of self by assisting in the process of self-reflection and insight, emotional expression and release, of resolving inner conflicts, traumatic experiences and unhelpful life patterns.
Participation in a group can have the added benefit of feeling supported by others, receive and give the encouragement and support you need. The interaction between each other during the art therapy group sessions can part of the process which encourages change.

Social Skill Development

Social skills are a vital part of our functioning in the social world. For some of us however these skills don't come naturally. The social skills development focuses on teaching you the skills you need at this time in your life, through role-play, video modeling, social stories, art activities and more. The social skill development can be either in a group format or one-on-one, this will depend on the development stage of each individual. The focus could also be on supporting the parent once a month or every 6 weeks in teaching their child the social skills at home.

​Group Fees

Please contact Merel Purmer to discuss fees for the groups